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Vol. 26 (65) № 1. 2013
The problems of pedagogy middle and high schools

Gluzman A.V.
Key competences: the essence and significance in the life success of a personality
The article focuses on revealing the essence and functions of the notions „competence” and „competency”, their main peculiarities and characteristics. Different approaches to the formation of professional and individual competencies were studied.

Yaksa N.V.
Modern Pedagogical Models of the Polycultural Education
Basic pedagogical models of the polycultural education are presented in the article, as well as the methological approaches which allow analyzing them; the problems and perspectives of forming of the future teachers’ polycultural competence are considered in the article as well.

Kuzmina S. L.
Pedagogical heritage of Kiev academic philosophy of XIX – beginning XX century: unemployment or working capital?
The paper contains the characteristic of Kiev academic philosophers’ (S. Gogotskyi, P. Yurkevich, P. Linitskyi, M. Olesnitskyi, N. Makkaveiskyi, A. Hiliarov, G. Chelpanov, S. Ananin, A. Selihanovich, V. Zenkovskyi) of XIX – beginning XX century contribution in the development of Ukrainian pedagogical culture, the analyses of formation in their intellectual environment of conception of higher education, actualization their philosophical-pedagogical views in the context of modern educational situation in Ukraine.

Reshetova E. E.
Pedagogical heritage of the professors of mathematics at St. Vladimir University: historiographic and methodological problems of research
In the article, the attempt has been made to analyze knowledge of pedagogical heritage of Kiev an professors of mathematics in XIX – early XX centuries; methodological approaches have been determined that will answer the question: what kind of pedagogical ideas were the basement for tradition of mathematical education at Kiev University.

Kostyleva Y. V.
To the issue of teacher qualification improvement in Taurida province
The paper dwells upon the problem of teacher qualification upgrading in Taurida province. The teacher training courses, conventions of teachers are viewed as the object of study. On the basis of archival materials the author analyzes the organization and the contents of the pedagogical courses, conventions of teachers, formulates their characteristics.

Sapozhnikov S.V.
Comparative analysis of hinger pedagogical education developmental stages in Ukraine and the Black Sea region
The article identifies the main historical development stages of higher pedagogical education, which are typical for all eleven countries - members of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Albania). Based on the research analysis carried out a comparative analysis of the stages of higher pedagogical education in these countries.

Prokofjeva M.
The development of the idea of individualization and differentiation in foreign countries
In the article the ways of solving the problem of individualization and differentiation of education in foreign countries are analyzed, the features of the individual and differentiated approach to the educating of various categories of students are studied.

Skorobogatova Mariya.
Traditions and experience in preparation of teachers for junior classes in Western Europe
Taking into account the orientation of Ukraine on integration in European educational space the systems of preparation of teachers of initial classes of Great Britain, Germany and France and possibility of the creative use of foreign front-rank pedagogical experience and traditions in the domestic system of higher pedagogical education are analysed in the article.

Fadeev V.I.
Relationship of the market of educational services and educational resources in time of management of high school of Ukraine
In this paper the features of the control system of higher education institutions in Ukraine are shown. Analyzed a variety of methodological approaches to the study of the relationship of the market of educational services and educational resources in higher education. The features of the construction of educational resources management system of higher education in Ukraine are cleared in the National, regional, local, institutional and personal levels.

Pogrebnyak N.N.
The development of higher pedagogical education in the Western Europe universities, USA and Japan
In this article the main approaches of the development of higher pedagogical education in different countries of Western Europe, USA and Japan is presented. Special attention is paid to the educational reformation in the system of higher pedagogical education.

Tulegenova A.G.
Higher school teacher professional career
Some aspects of lecturer’s professional career becoming are examined in the article: rich in content descriptions of this phenomenon open up; necessary terms over and factors of professional career forming are brought, the stages of this process are distinguished.

Kamensky O. I.
Teaching English to future economists by means of computer technology
The article defines the conditions of enhancing effectiveness of forming future economists’ English language communicative competence, describes the cyclic-concentric model of forming future economists’ English language communicative competence, and the corresponding system of exercises.

Kamenskaya I. B.
Methodological features of forming future managers’ English language linguistic competence in oral speech
The article investigates the methodological peculiarities of the future managers’ English linguistic competence in oral speech. The reasonability of adapting the principles of cognitive-communicative approach to the conditions of teaching EOP to future managers has been grounded, and key methodological principles of forming the future managers’ English linguistic competence in oral speech have been determined.

Georgiadi A. A.
The use of media-education technologies in the training of future teachers of Philological specialties
The paper analyzes the experience of application of media-educational technologies in the future philology teachers’ education at the faculty of Foreign Philology of Taurida National V. I. Vernadsky University. The article emphasizes the necessity to equip future philology teachers with adequate knowledge and skills of the use of media-educational technologies in professional activities.

Shirshovа I.А.
Evaluation of study achievements of students: modern trends
The author focuses on the topical issue of higher education – educational achievements of students’ evaluation. The article revealed current trends in the development of Ukrainian higher education, analyzed the changes taking place in the strategy of evaluation of teaching students. The author describes in some detail the nature and content of such innovative technology evaluation of achievements as a portfolio, essays, presentation and review. Concrete examples of their use in educational psychology Masters students.

Turchina L.A.
Feature of vocational orientation of studying young people in foreign countries
In the article of «Feature of vocational orientation of studying young people in foreign countries» it is exposed the features of the vocational orientation systems of such countries as Great Britain, France, Germany». A researcher accents attention to participating of the state in a vocational orientation process. He exposes correlation of secondary education on the senior stage of teaching with trade education. He describes original forms and methods of vocational orientation work.

Shitova I.Yu.
The characteristic of difficulties of the graduate of higher education institution in development it is professional-pedagogical activity
In the article description over of difficulties of graduating students of institutions of higher learning is brought in the period of mastering professionally of pedagogical activity.

Khacayuk N. S.
Pedagogical terms of efficiency of scientific-methodical work are in experimental educational establishments of Autonomous Republic of Crimea
In the article the pedagogical terms of increase of efficiency of scientific-methodical work are grounded in experimental educational establishments, which complement the picture of science of possibilities of the system of scientifically - methodical work and allow newly to project realization of scientific-methodical work in innovative educational establishments for upgrading school education and level of professional competence of teachers.

Gavrilenko Yu.M.
Training and educational activities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea secondary schools’ for the conservation of senior health
Educational and upbringing activities of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea schools to preserve the health of senior pupils. The article investigates the problem of healthy lifestyle’s raising among school students in the educational activities of schools in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The modern scientific approaches to the interpretation of a healthy lifestyle education students high school age. In the article the diagnostic system displays the degree of formation of a healthy lifestyle, the features of educational activities of schools autonomy to preserve and improve the health of seniors.

Kirichek A. S.
Reading culture as a means of improving the quality of students' self-education
The organization of the young people training to the culture of reading, word processing skills, which is the key to successful educational and self-education activities, aimed at the professional self-determination, considered in the article.