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Vol. 26 (65) № 2. 2013
The problems of pedagogy middle and high schools

Historical and pedagogical heritage: national and international perspectives

Yaksa N.V.
Multicultural education of the students in the european pedagogical science and practice

Kuzmina S. L.
«To teach to think by themselves»: Kiev professors of beginning of twentieth century about philosophy in school

Yuryeva K. A.
 Foreign sources of relatively-cultural ethnopedagogics

Skorobogatova M. R.
Development of science teacher education in Ukraine

Kostyleva Y.V.
Theoretical and practical pedagogical training in Taurida eparchy women’s school (1866-1920)

Z. Aliyevа
Spirituality in the context of modern formation musical-pedagogical culture krymskotatarski peoples


Pedagogy of higher education in Ukraine and the world:

Gluzman A.V. a
Educational resources of the higher education in Ukraine: methodological grounds

Pogrebnyak N.N.
The Higher Pedagogical Education Abroad: models, kvalifications, scientific competences

Shitova I. Y.
Professional health educator in Germany: problems and prospects

Gavrilenko Y.M.
The formation of the teacher’s professional competence of healthy life style education

Shirshova I.A
Development of managerial competence of future teachers in the complex of disciplines of psychological-pedagogical training

Georgiadi A. A.
Training future philology teachers with the application of modern media education technologies

Tulegenova A.G.
Emotional burning out as one of risks of pedagogical career

Kirichek L. V.
The problems of formation of the pedagogical culture as a condition of the creative activity of the future teacher

Komarova А.А.
The professional-pedagogical personality orientation of the future specialist: the
system characteristic of the basic components

Pedagogy High School in Ukraine and the world

Khacayuk N. S.
The development of experimental foreign educational establishments