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Vol. 27 (66) № 3. 2014
The problems of pedagogy middle and high schools

Philosophical and methodological problems of teacher education

Shirshova I.A
Adaptation of young teachers for professional activity in modern school
The article is devoted to professional integration of young teachers in modern socio - economic situation. .Theauthor the essence of the professional adaptation of new teachers, a dedicated stage of professionaldevelopment of teachers and the need for the effectiveness of its initial stages. Formulated psychologicalpedagogicaldifficulties faced by young teacher and their causes. And also presents modern forms of supportof the young specialist.

Tulegenova A.G.
Valued orientations of youth subcultures
The problem of belonging of young people of Crimea to one or another youth subcultures is analysed in thearticle. The valued orientations of different types of youth subcultures are examined.

Kirichek A. S.
Reading culture as an object of knowledge
The article considers the culture of reading as a subject of pedagogical activity on the basis of philosophicaland psychological and educational research. Attention is focused on relationship between culture of readingand self-education.

Shamray N. V.
Modern legislative ensuring of market development of educational resources in foreign countries
The analyzesof international law on the issue of market development of educational resources ispresented in this article.The role of the quality and the accessibility of education as the most importantprerequisites for the development of future intellectual basis, corresponding tothe needs of the moderneconomy is emphasized here. The role of the legislative and regulatory base, regulating relations in thefield of education is also shown here. The legislative basis for educational resourceorganization inforeign countries are examined here.

Historical and pedagogical heritage: the national and global contexts

Kostyleva Y.V.
Background teacher education in the Russian Empire second half XVIII-XIX centuries: multicultural aspect
The article describes the prerequisites for the development of teacher education in the Russian Empire in thesecond half of the XVIII - early XIX centuries. Highlighted features of formation of multicultural teachereducation.

Pedagogy of higher education.

Koeppl O. I.
Сompetency foundations of formation of social-adequate training for future specialists in the field of state management
The article is based on the elucidation of the nature and content of the term «expert in the field of statemanagement,» specified competency requirements for the training of specialists of the area. It is considered a legalinterpretation of the Civil Service in the linguistic and professional aspect, and it’s separated into components.Functional meaning of public service is researched. The author outlines the framework of the civil service. Thetypical features characterizing the state and its administrative cooperation with society are investigated. It is provedthat all forms of civil employees are necessary elements of governance and they are closely related to theimplementation of power, and social-adequate background of future specialists of this area promotes to the quality ofthe public-management processes. In the given article it is revealed the possibility of adjusting of training ofspecialists in the studying field in the context of future needs of society.

Skorobogatova M.R.
Development trends of training research staff in the UK
The article analyzes the development trend of research training in the UK; marked stages of its development:the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century - 1978, 1979-1998, 1998 - present. The analysis ofthe current state of the system of training doctoral students, highlighted features: a variety of models scientifictraining; work on the research team of doctoral students and research team leaders; training of scientificleaders; involvement of the non-university sector as a social order; variety of variations funding researchersand research projects.

Pogrebnyak N.N.
Models in higher individualized learning school of Europe

Shitova I. Y.
Optimization of information literacy of students psychologists in GermanY
This article analyzes the information literacy standards of students-psychologists in Germany. Informationliteracy standards, used in schools of Germany, demonstrate how to increase the effectiveness of theeducational process in the modern information society.


Pedagogy High School.

Yaksa N.V.
Some forms of organization of the productive interaction of teachers and pupils in educational activity

Khacayuk N. S.
Experience of the organization scientific-methodical work in the "School of the future" Autonomic Republic of Crimea
In the article describes the experience of scientific-methodical work in the «School of the Future» of theAutonomic Republic of Crimea, disclosed organizational and pedagogical bases its organization, identified thelevel of an innovative educational environment in the experimental educational establishment.

Bogdanova O.D.
Use of the information technology in the process of the lectures’ course of the molecular biology for secondary schools
Currently, psychologists, teachers, doctors note a decline in the interest of students in the educational process.
In the modern education system the actual question is how to teach children to learn; how give to them abilitiesand skills to work with various sources of information; work independently, develop creativity. Application ofcomputer in the classroom makes lessons more visual, modern, and therefore interesting. In this case theinformation is better absorbed by the students, increasing the intrinsic motivation of the child. Biology - one ofthe most fertile subjects for the effective implementation of project activities.