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Vol. 27 (66) № 4. 2014
The problems of pedagogy middle and high schools

Philosophical and methodological problems of modern education

Gluzman A. V.  
The system of professional and pedagogical students’ preparation in the University
The article is devoted to methodological, theoretical and practical approaches of professional and pedagogicalstudents’ preparation in the University. Substantiated the logic organization of the program of research andexperimental teaching students the Crimean Humanities University (Yalta), implemented in 1999-2014,respectively. Describes the contents of the stages of the experimental work, which formed the basis of aholistic person-oriented concept of education of university students.

Yaks N.V.
Multicultural approach to organization of the upbringing process in high school

Shirshova I.A
The training of the modern teachers: the experience of Finland in the field of teacher education
The article is devoted to the generalization of the experience of professional training of the modern teacher inFinland. The author disclosed the components of the new European system of teacher education. Thecharacteristic national features of the reform of the Finnish system of teacher education. The described systemselection for a teaching career. Characterized by training different groups of teachers: teachers withqualification "specialist subject", teachers of special (correctional) education and curator - adviser.

Chumahidze T.L.
Preparation of future teachers of preschool educational institutions to the organization of artistic and aesthetic development of preschool children under implementation of art education in russian federation
The article deals with the preparation of future teachers preschool to the organization of artistic and aestheticdevelopment of children of preschool age. It outlines the main methodological aspects of the concept of arteducation of the Russian Federation. Described some of the positions of training future teachers of preschooleducational institutions in the conditions of implementation of the concept of art education. The features of theartistic creativity of children of preschool age.

Kirichek A. S.
Social and psychological aspects of studying reading culture
The author presents an analysis study of the reader in terms of sociology and psychology of reading since thelate XIX - early XX century. The article deals with the study of the phenomenon of reading culture as a basisfor the development of intellectual and show pleasing, emotional, artistic, aesthetic, and spiritual potential ofthe individual. Focuses on the social and psychological aspects of the study of reading, which is not only ameans of entering into human culture, its way of development, but also a serious factor in his personal successor failure in various spheres of life.

Shamray N. V.
Study on the problem of legislative basis of organization and management of educational resources in the Russian Federation
The article describes the legislative framework the system of education in the Russian Federation. Showingfeatures of the organization and management of educational resources in the state, are the key provisions ofthe Model Code, the legal basis of the educational space of the CIS states. Analyzed the legal and moralregulation of educational relations at the federal, regional and municipal levels.

Historical and pedagogical heritage: the national and global contexts

Kostyleva Y.V.
Multicultural aspects of the organization, structure and content of teacher education in the Russian Empire XIX - early XX century
The article deals with the organization, structure and content of teacher education in the Russian empire XIX- early XX centuries. In the article on the basis of the preliminary study highlighted features multiculturaltraining of domestic teachers.

Pedagogy of higher education

Skorobogatova M.R.
The system of doctoral education in Italy
The article analyzes the system of scientific training in Italy. The tendencies of the development of doctoraleducation, appropriate long history of development of the European University: University as a place ofscientific training, the relationship with the supervisor, the process of defending a thesis in the form of adialogue. Also shown are the features and problems that accompany Italy now: lack of funding, problems withemployment, the lack of status of the researcher, the reduction of doctorates and doctoral programs.

Pogrebnya N.N.
The development of creative scientific activity of students in foreign higher education

Shitova I. Y.
Open educational resourcen in higher school of Germany: theory and practice
The article discusses the characteristics and principles of the use of open educational resources in the learningprocess of students in higher school. The author reviews the existing open educational resources for universitystudents in Germany. The trends for further development and improvement of open educational resources inthe modern information society are highlighted in the article.

Тulegenova A.G.
Computer games as a factor of formation of addictive students behavior
The article considers relevant for today problem of Internet addiction in the environment of students. Theauthor analyzes theoretical and practical aspects of the influence of computer games on the personality of theyoung man and the formation of his addictive behavior; considers the types of computer games; highlights themain trends, methods, and means of prevention of Internet addiction in the studied population of the RussianFederation.

Fominykh N.
Modernization system of foreign language training principles of non-linguistic students
The modernization system of principles of foreign language training future specialists in non-linguisticinstitution of higher education, which include: humane and humanistic, non-linearity, the prevalence ofautonomy of students, comprehensive integration, professional mobility, authentication, preventingdevelopment. Author determined the basic features of their implementation in a foreign language professionaleducation.

Zubkova M.
The problem of interaction of organizational and engineering activities
The article describes the main features of organizational activity, its purpose, structure and function. Thecontent of the term “engineer” is defined. The types of engineering activities and their functions in all possiblerelationships are analyzed. The requirements for engineers according to the activity for a particular specialtyare considered. It is proved that organizational activity is a vital component of engineers’ professional work.

Pedagogy High School

Khacayuk N. S.
Designing of scientific- methodical work in the experimental schools Republic of Crimea: the content aspect
In the article reveals the content of the scientific- methodological work in the experimental school.Highlighted activities for the organization of scientific-methodical work. Substantiated structure readiness ofteachers to experimental research, highlighted its levels of formation. The algorithm of designing applicationsfor conducting experimental work in the experimental school.